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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

Joe, Why did you leave IHUB and start

I was very happy with the community that had grown at the Traders Cooperative board on InvestorsHUB. Personally IHUB has become a second home for me and I have made many friends there. However, once I sold my hardware business and began helping some friends and family in supervising their investment portfolios, my vision for this community began to develop. In January 2010 my stepson, Damian Smith, joined me to help manage these accounts. We are also going to start a Limited Liability Investment Fund/Club projected for startup hopefully sometime in the first half of 2010. We have several ideas we are working on to build a premium focused investment community. Starting our own site offered us better flexibility in meeting our goals and better communication within our community.

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Will the participants at your InvestorsHub board be joining you here?

I sincerely hope so. We have a great group of personalities there that are very knowledgeable of the various markets, and I hope they will consider contributing here. For the 'lurkers' I hope that they will find this board of even more interest.

With all the investment forums on the internet what will make this one different?

In many ways we will be the same. I think our margin of difference will be a matter of trust and transparency. I have a long history on these message boards plus a fair amount of experience. But, let's face it our main goal is to increase the value of our portfolios. I think too many go from board to board looking for the magic trader that will lead them to riches. I am not saying that is us but I think through our community you can learn to become more knowledgeable and a better investor, obtaining increased profits.

This "Limited Liability Investment Fund/club" what is that?

Once I sold my hardware store and went to trading fulltime I have had many request to manage funds for individuals - to be honest, too many. I just don't have enough time. The idea is to start a limited liability corporation from our community that individuals can invest in and pool our funds. That way I can manage one bigger fund instead of many small accounts. It should allow me to be more efficient and see better returns. I will have more details at a later date.

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