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    We are a community of experienced and not so experienced investors seeking excellent returns on our investments through our shared knowledge of the markets and the opportunities that it presents.

    Although we concentrate on common stocks, we also may share investment and trading opportunities in preferred stocks, options and bonds.

    Trading and investing can be very complex sometimes the dynamics of the markets can be overwhelming. We work together to make the markets easier to navigate. We are all students of the markets here. We are all here to learn to better self manage our portfolios.

    We offer a community forum that we maintain to keep free of over inflated egos and rude behavior. Honesty and friendliness are our hallmarks.

    We make money and have fun. Please join us. The board is FREE. Please provide the information requested and I will set up your account. Due to the abuse of the automatic registration by spammers and phishers I have turned it off and ask you send me an email at Joe@JoeStocks.com for me to manually set up your account. To start, all I need is a screen name, a password, and a valid email address. All information is kept confidential.

    For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.